Salient Features

Our Automation Salient Features:

As a logistic service provider we have made substantial investments in technology related to employee transportation and have the below mentioned solutions which can be demonstrated to you.

GPS – based vehicle tracking solution.

• Panic Button for Employee Safety and Security
• HID/RFID Card Reader for capturing online attendance from the vehicle
• Employee attendance capturing based on QR code
• Employee attendance capturing based on OTP
• Employee attendance capturing based on 4 digit pin
• Employee attendance blue tooth based.
• Safe home reach button for female employees.

Web based Rostering and Auto Routing with MIS.
• Rostering
• Trip sheet generation
• MIS.

Driver Apps
• To receive the electronic trip sheets on Android Phone
• To capture drive attendance
• To capture employee attendance
• To navigate to the employee location.

Employee Apps
• To receive the details of the vehicle routed
• To know the exact location of the vehicle with ETA (Expected Time of Arrival)
• To press the safe home button on reaching the employee residence (Predominantly used for female employees)
• To press the panic button in case of emergency situations
• To initiate a call to the Transport help desk at the press of the button
• To generate a tracking link and send it to relatives such that they can track the vehicles if needed.
• To Roster/Deroster & Driver Rating.

Our solution draws lot of inputs from the rich and varied experiences we have derived over the years being in transport. We have the maximum exposure of ground level realities and operational challenges and clearly understand what the technology needs to deliver for the business to succeed. There is a continuous learning from the dynamic changes happening in the industry and our solution too has been evolving.

Each and every component that comprises of our solution is to meet a specific purpose. Our Web Roster Auto Router will automate the Rostering and Routing and eliminate the person dependency and helps you in moving into a person independent operation, our Android App for sending Electronic Trip sheets to the vehicle, tracking the vehicle with an option for employee attendance log in along with driver navigation to the employees location. The Employee Android App provided by us helps the employee in tracking the location of the vehicles which are assigned to them with a soft panic button provided in the Employee App.

Would appreciate if you could give us an audience to discuss about our offering (Logistics and Technology).
Some of the value added services that could make a difference on the day to day Operations and render a hassle free service that could save both manpower & time in the demanding situations & challenges of the industry today , we are also specialized in the below cited additional features.

Value Added Services

• Catering client request for any event transportation/ out of routine cab services
• Airport Transfers (International and Domestic -Tour Operators)
• Catering Flight / train and bus tickets to our corporate clients
• Team outings, Events, Corporate Get together & Outings.