always a step ahead...
always a step ahead...

Welcome to L V Travels

L V Travels is a brand owned by L V Group of Companies.

In the Year 2008, the Company started a Staff transport services (People Logistics) operating to cater the demand of professional transport service requirements.

L V Travels is based out of Bengaluru – the silicon city of India & we have extended our services at Hyderabad also expanding on a Pan India level.

L V Travels with the expertise of providing Ground Transport Services having a niche in the market is the market leader in terms of Services, After Sales Service, Strict Compliance Adherence and above all value for money to customers and esteemed shareholders. Our services are at par with National Transport Services considering the people behind us.

Our Fleet

At Present we have over 2000 vehicles of all types operating round the clock. On request by the clients, the vehicles are fitted with GPS. BGC is followed for all drivers. A dedicated software to track the vehicle & driver records have also been implemented. Periodic vehicle maintenance are done through the respective authorized service centers. Supervisors and Trackers are deployed to monitor and maintain the TAT of the fleet. We have a mobile vigilance team to monitor the running condition of the vehicle and also the personality of the driver. Mobile emergency team with full equipped tools to address any breakdown is also deployed round the clock.


SUV & Sedan



Electric Vehicles

Zero Emissions — EV don’t emit exhaust which pollutes the air. Air pollution is a major issue in big cities, since it degrades air quality and leads to illnesses that affect breathing. EV are more “green”. EV get their power from charging via AC household outlet or from a charging station, no fuel is required. Less dependency on fuel can save driving costs overall

EV motors are more efficient.. EV don’t need fuel, it generates energy from batteries that drive motors that creates motion. There is no contact between motor and driveshaft, just an electromagnetic field which pushes the driveshaft.

Our Director

L V Travels was started by Mr. Paramashivaiah, Managing Director in 2008. He has over 30+ years of vast experience in the field of transport. In 1992 he started his career as a supervisor and was promoted as a Manager. Because of his hard work and dedication, he is now the proud owner of LV Travels.

Considered as vital assets to any organization, employees are provided with numerous benefits apart from remunerations to boost their confidence and promote friendliness. One such factor which now has emerged as an inevitable necessity rather than a comforting demand is employee transportation. Attentive to fulfill this basic requirement of the workforce, organizations are now opting for employee transit service providers, making it a profitable and rapidly developing sector. Established in the year 2008, LV Travels started as a staff transport services provider (People Logistics), operating to cater to the demands of professional transport services. A brand owned by LV Group of Companies, LV Travels provides end-to-end solutions to meet employee transportation through a combination of automated and manual processes; this is an advantage of very less human intervention in day to day activities resulting in obtaining accurate data and transparent operations.

We’re specialized in providing a high quality service

Retain High Quality

It is our utmost priority to deliver prodigious quality in the services and products.

Fast & Easy Transport

As a logistic service provider we have made substantial investments in technology related to employee transportation. Converge technology with transport services to provide futuristic services.

Astounding delivery time

With the incorporation of modern machinery and technologies, diligent employees work round the clock and the TAT is much more faster than expected to deliver.

Innovative Development

Provide an efficient transport system at a competent pricing. And also Providing End to End Transport services which includes deploying Man power & Technology for Vehicles.

Our Valuable Clients